flow to glow

Let your heart guide your path
and enjoy being yourself.


Say hello to your inner world
My wish is to support you bringing awareness to the inner world! Your heart path, feeling emotions, devote to your being and the universe. Welcome to the Moonyear 2020! 

Sometimes your heart and mind are going into different directions, but if you bring them both together onto the same path, something magical can happen – this is what I call flow – you will find out that you will more and more shine & glow from the inside out. 

Besides connecting your heart to your mind, also bringing together your body to your heart – becoming conscious of what your body has to say and taking good care of it through movement by yourself and treatments. This is where healing takes place. Your soul deserves the best place to live in, that you can offer!

There is no recipe which leads to a fullfilling/flowing life, but there are endless opportunities which can help to reach it…

Yoga – Healing – Travel

Kangen Water: Health, sustainability, and abundance.

Water is sacred because it is vital for our existence. The human body is able to live without food for approximately 30 days, but without water we can survive only about 3 days. Here why I believe Kangen Water is promoting health a lot.