Leonie flowtoglow eagle pose
One way.
2 years ago I’ve stayed there already. At a place where I experienced to feel home in myself like nowhere else before. At a place where I felt freedom in every cell of my body.

So what is the big thing this time? This time I travel with a one way ticket only…

The last weeks at home have been intense. I really felt the structures and patterns from my family again and I fell into patterns that I have had worked on and escaped already so many times . This fact made it easier for ne to leave. 

Not that I was running away from something I can’t handle at home – but I am also aware, that the main reason for me leaving home is being able to BE MYSELF to 100%. Being as I want, living my truth, escaping some patterns I wanted to overcome and some people sitting in my neck, telling me that, what I am about to do won’t work out.
Maybe it won’t work for them. But I have decided to go for it: Quitting all my jobs, moving out of my flat, saying good by to friends & family and putting my belongings into boxes, stored it in my parents house.

I don’t know if you can relate to all of that but for me going away from home feels like finally being able to spread my wings again and having enough space to breathe. No-one telling me how I have to live my life. I am convinced to know best what is the best for me and how I want to find my glow and shine from the inside out.

Not to be mistaken: I left what I love – I love my family. I love my friends. I love the mountains – hugs of saying good bye felt like heartbreaks. 

But anyways, there was nothing holding me back.

As my uncle drove me to Munic Airport I told him that I would never want to go a step back and that it feels totally right what I am doing, but I am also a little bit afraid (or maybe its just excited?) of what is about to come…
Because the only thing I know about the next few months is where I am going to sleep the first time. Everything else will come to me – and will have to decide about it spontanuosly.
So that’s my adventure: Taking risks, closing chapters, starting new ones with my Kangen water machine in my carry on. 

Now sitting in the plane, feeling exhausted from all these tears and emotions but excited at the same time. 

But  I have trust into my intuition and my heart – here I am, on my heart path. Excited for a new chapter of my life to begin in South/Middle America!

Love Leonie

PS.: Sometimes I change my mind and change plans spontaneously – so two days before my flight I decided to stay in Colombia not only for a stopover at the airport, but for 5 days. Selene, the host of my yoga teacher training 3 years ago in Bali, she’s Columbian and invited me to visit her. 

So good to start my new chapter with spontaneous adventures and going with the flow. Let’s make memories and adventures in Columbia with lovely people, before I head over to Costa Rica.

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