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If you wonder what the 60 specific uses of Kangen Water are about – here comes my list of what I like best.

Huhu, it became a pretty extensive list of all of the ways I love to use my Kangen Water! When I purchased my machine, I had no idea about all the different functions. This is why I want to share with you the different uses.

Kangen water means: health, sustainability, and abundance
Kangen Water ranges from 2.5 (strong acidic) water to 11.5 (strong alkaline) water. Each pH contains it’s own unique properties responsible for producing different reactions in the body, but also on surfaces and just about anywhere else you could think to use this water.

Not only do I reduce waste by never purchasing bottled water, but I am constantly improving my health by using and drinking this healing water. I’ve heard there are over 100 different ways you can use, treat, spray and drink this water! Because it is all about the various pH levels I have listed the use

This is how my Kangen Water machine has increased in personal value more than I could have ever imagined 🙂


  • Kill Microbes – Pre-rinse all fruits, vegetables and meat and let sit for one minute before soaking in 11.5. This will kill all microbes. Will also kill MRSA and infections.
  • Disinfectant – Use for disinfecting anything.
  • Anti-Bacterial Soap – Use in place of anti-bacterial soap.
  • Hard Water / Rust – Clean hard water spots off of chrome and rust off of metal.
  • Facial Lifting – Spray face and neck (not eyes) and rub skin upward until dry. Finish with Beauty Water to tone skin.
  • Prevent Root Canal – Wait one minute and then rinse with 9.5 water for 30 seconds to restore the natural pH. This procedure will prevent or resolve periodontal disease & thrush, & avoid root canals.
  • Vomiting – To stop vomiting take 1-2 Tbsp.
  • Open Wounds/ Burns/ Infections – Kills bacteria and pathogens. Use on cuts, scrapes to help stop bleeding. Clean twice daily until healed. Do not use any other ointments as they only attract microbes by keeping the area moist and sticky.
  • Sinuses – Spray in nose 2x/day for 2 days. Wait 2 minutes, then flush with 11.5.
  • Nail Fungus – Spray twice a day or soak.
  • Pink Eye – Spray infected eye several times thru the day and will clear up.
  • Sore Throat/ Strep Throat – Gargle 3-4 times per day or put in spray bottle and spray into throat.
  • Poison Ivy – Spray on infected area as often as needed. Will slow down itching and dry up poison ivy much quicker.
  • Blisters/ Sores – Spray or gargle to dry up both and relieve pain
  • Moles/ Warts – If you see something abnormal on your skin you may want to soak a gauze pad on a band aid with the 2.5 and apply over the area. Change the band aid at least once a day. Often this process requires 30-60 days before seeing results.


  • Facial Soap – Clean face twice a day. Spray after cleaning.
  • Hair Conditioner- Spray hair after showering as this conditions your hair. Try not to use conditioner of any kind as this coats the hair.
  • Skin Toner – Use as final rinse in shower or bath to tone and firm skin.
  • Rashes/ Diaper Rash – Spray on skin to soothe and heal rashes, including diaper rash.
  • Pets – Bathe pets for more lustrous coats.
  • Plants – Water indoor and outdoor plants for vigorous growth. Can revive dying plants.
  • Cooking – Use to boil eggs and pasta.
  • Freezing Food – Spray on foods before freezing including fish and shrimp so that foods do not lose their flavor.
  • Anthocyanin – Wash and prepare fruits and vegetables containing anthocyanin: plums, grapes, cherries, strawberries, red cabbage, eggplant, soy beans, asparagus.
  • Fabric Softener – Use in rinse cycle during laundry. One gallon per load.
  • Glasses – Clean lenses and remove residue for clarity.
  • Replace Windex – Replace all window and mirror cleaners with Beauty Water.
  • Hardwood Flooring/ Tile – For polishing and housecleaning: hardwood floors, ceramic tiles, etc.


  • Soup – Cook all soups with 9.5 water.
  • Stir fry – Cook with 9.5 to steam.
  • Before Eating – Wait 30 minutes and eat meal or if still hungry eat snack… most people are so dehydrated that their thirst mechanism is so weak, that they think they are hungry.
  • Gray hairs – can return hair back to natural color
  • Vision – Can improve eye vision.
  • Spider Veins – Over time of drinking the water and cell repairing, spider veins can improve.
  • Aroma therapy – Put any herb like rosemary or lavender in a spray bottle filled with Kangen water, let set for a couple of hours and use as a spritzer in your house for aroma therapy and an air freshener.


  • Seed Germination/Sprouting Accelerator
  • Pesticide Remover
    – Soak fruits & vegetables for 10 minutes to remove harmful chemicals and pesticidesPlant Revitalizer
    – Spray your wilting plants to give your plants extra hydration and retention of water
  • Laundry Detergent – Add 1/2 cup of strong alkaline water to your laundry detergent to cut the amount of detergent you use in half
  • Hand Wash – Use to wash your hands in place of soap and keep hands hydrated and
  • Emulsifier – Emulsion of oils to make soaps or lotions
  • Beans – Uncooked organic beans/peas soaked for an hour to speed up cooking time
  • Nuts – Soak nuts, grains or cereals for an hour
  • Fats – Add a spoonful to salad dressings to emulsify fats
  • Flavors – Intensifies flavours when used to cook vegetables
  • Grease – Use to remove grease stains from clothing
  • Natural Grease Remover – Removes fats and proteins on surfaces, knives and cutting boards
  • Toilet Cleaner – Removes stains from the toilet bowl
  • Foot Soak – Soak feet for 20 minutes once a week to help the detoxification process of the body

Please reach out to me personally so I can help set you up with your very own!

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