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Intuitive. Love. Food.
Day by day I realize how important it is to be conscious about your eating habits and what you eat. I have tried a multitude of various diets in the last years – for many reasons.


This made me become very conscious about nutrition and led me to intuitive eating – which I have practiced for two years now on and off. 

So – what is “intuitive eating” all about?
  • for me it means to stay connected with the feeling of your body in terms of food. 
  • Intuitive eating makes you an expert on how much, what and when to eat!
  • making peace with your food – enjoying

Listen to your body signals to recognize if you are full or still hungry.

Eating slowly also helps a lot because the feeling of satiety sometimes needs up to 20min to show.

Respect your body and your needs – there are maybe days where you feel more hungry or less.

Before you start eating “check in” and ask yourself:

  • Am I really hungry?
  • Am I bored or do I really need food in my system now?
  • Do I want to eat this kind of food?
What is really helpful, to imagine a flashlight while asking yourself if you are hungry!

This helps you to identify the different levels of fullness and hunger:

  • RED = really hungry
  • ORANGE = something to eat would be good soon
  • GREEN = satisfied, not hungry

While you are eating you check in and ask yourself:

  • Am I full already? (green light?)
  • Do I need to finish this just that it’s gone or am I still hungry?

If it is the feeling of loneliness, anxiety, anger or boredom – food will not fix any of your feelings or problems. It maybe is going to make you feel worse in the long run. Write down your emotion and get conscious about it, instead of eating do something else that makes you feel good and try to bring yourself into the high vibe of enjoying life again. Feel your emotions, understand them but don’t try to eat them away – they are not eatable!

So far I tried intermittent fasting, counting carbs, low carb, vegan, vegetarian,…every single diet has it’s own benefits but I just prefer to listen to my feeling and my soul.

My diet is called LWYE- DIET.


Your body exactly shows you what it needs if you are connected with it. Keep on asking yourself the questions above and you will get answers.

When I prepare my food – even if it’s ‘only’ for myself I make it look DELICIOUS, colourful like a rainbow and prepare it with love.

If there is food left and I am full already – I just but it in the fridge for enjoying it later!



Find your favourite way to move your body. Get to know your body, appreciate it and it will be easier for you to connect with your intuition especially in terms of food.



Make peace with food! Don’t feel guilty if you eat chocolate or ice-cream every now and then. Maybe it is not a good idea to eat it while you are still hungry or eat a big amount every day but if you can really enjoy it – see it as a treat for yourself.

It’s a treat for your soul and if you are happy for yourself eating a piece of chocolate it will nourish your soul as well as your body.

I love snacks too and I just make sure that my snacks are mostly fruits, at least 80% chocolate and not to much processed food.

Honor your health and your body! 

Make sure that your food makes you feel good and get conscious about that your food is your fuel. It does not matter if you eat ‘unhealthy’ one time, one meal, one day – but don’t judge yourself for that! It is important how you eat in general, what you it consistently is what matters.


I love to ‘bless my food’ with positive vibes:

WHY? Because it tastes better, you eat more consciously and it makes you realize that food is medicine and not granted for everybody on this planet!


  • May this food nourish me.
  • May this food support me to heal every cell of my body.
  • May this food give me power to thrive and stepping into my purpose of life.
  • Thank you earth for providing me this food.

Or you can create your own sentences – whatever feels good for you!

I always take a moment before I eat to really be in the moment and know that I am eating now. If you don’t have time for this or it feels weird for you, you can tell yourself the sentences while you are eating!


Credits: Ben Moore, Unsplash

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