hey there – happy to have you here!

Hi, this is me, Leonie.

Born in Austria in the middle of summer I love nature and mountains at any time of the year. And yet, I also love to discover places on this wonderful planet. 

Currently I escaped the cold winter in the Austrian mountains and I am staying in Costa Rica for some months. It was my heart having the intention to come here again – the place where I feel the most alive. 

A place where I have the feeling of being home more than somewhere else. Here I feel so much more energized, alive – and home in myself. 

Movement is my medicine.

As a yoga teacher and holistic therapist I love to facilitate people gaining a deeper connection to their bodies and supporting their self-healing process.

Ready for a glimpse of my diverse and pretty colorful life?

I know how to milk cows and drive a tractor, cause I completed a farmers school. I also worked as a bartender and was hired as an angel for Christmas markets and worked as a model for advertising clips a few times. And I am a professional massage therapist and yoga teacher as well.

I love to go for dinner by myself sometimes. Nearly every decision I make is guided by my heart over my head – especially the good ones 😉

This is why I call inspiration my personal guideline through life – and I want to inspire you to experience this wonderful and strong force yourself more and more. Stay tuned,

so long, Leonie

Only from the heart

can you touch the sky.