Health is untouchable.

Holistic health

If health is here we don’t recognize it, we take it for granted.
If health leaves us, we miss it.
Same as love we can not force health, we can not cage or buy it.

Being healthy – being trustful

We can not create health – we just can be healthy. 

Health is in your body as well as it governs in the world of your emotions, your mind, soul and relationships.
Health is also and foremost trust into your essence. It is all about our conscious understanding of the connection between health, lifestyle, body, spirit, nature and human being.

Holistic Therapy – healing arts

Everything done with love is art.
Holistic therapies are distinguished through seeing the body not only as muscles surrounded by skin – but with all the emotions, attitude and uniqueness to the point of the environment and surroundings of humans.

I love to facilitate people gaining a deeper connection to their bodies and supporting their self-healing process. 

In my therapy sessions I combine conscious touches primary led by intuition but also professional knowledge. Every human being and every body is different, so every therapy is individually featured especially for your needs. Mentally and physically. 

During the Therapy we create space, in which you are able to just be and where you can allow yourself to surrender. For me as a therapist it’s important to be focused, empathic and present to sense the needs of my clients. This is what characterizes my sessions – to totally be there with and for you as you are.

It’s also neuro-scientifically proved, that touches are the earliest, most important aspect of a healthy development of personality, character and the brain.

Deficits of touch in the first years of living can emboss your further life and can lead to devastating consequences.

So this is what holistic therapy stands for – to not only remain superficial, but rather touch the essence.

Hypnosis – changing minds

As the human body is endlessly fascinating – there are always new things to learn. 

My interest was how peoples brains work in connection with their bodies and how changing your mindset and believes gives you another perspective and more life-quality. 

Hypnosis – to help people finding the roots of their problems, changing believes and shifting mindset to another level.

Do not feel lonely,
the entire universe is inside you.